Welcome to Rimmon Heights Community

We are a concerned group of residents in the Rimmon Heights West Side Community of Manchester, NH.  Diane–the founder and inspiration–started the group when she started walking jer new puppies everyday and noticed how much trash there was all around the area.  She said “can picking up one piece of paper at a time make a difference?”  So she talked to one of my neighbors.  What happened is:

  • We are now 250+ neighbors and local business “voices” strong.
  • The Chief of Police, the Mayor, and even the Governor of New Hampshire are aware of our group and have attended one or more of our monthly meetings or events.
  • We make small differences everyday that add up and make people notice!

Our Mission

The Rimmon Heights Group concentrates on what members are concerned or interested in.  We  live our mission statement:

The Rimmon Heights group will provide neighbors with resources to solve community problems, strengthen relationships among neighbors, create-maintain- promote a safe and clean community, and nurture our local businesses.”

Our efforts to date

                            We provide neighbors with resources to                           help solve community problems

→ Currently, the aldermen serving our community are the at-large aldermen, Dan O’Neill and Joe Levasseur.

→ Our MPD Community Officers follow up on any nuisance problems brought to their attention, and keep following up!  They even changed their drive-by routines to include alleys after members expressed concerns about kids running wild and destroying property.

→ Our Health and Welfare coordinators provide members with information on city/state services that can help families, senior citizens, summer programs for kids, etc.  You name it, they have a contact to share!

Strengthen relationships among neighbors

→ The Rimmon Heights Group started with 6 local neighbors who decided to try and make a difference.  These 6 neighbors talked to other neighbors and through word-of-mouth, our group is now a 501c3 non-profit organization that not only takes care of our community but also works with other neighborhood groups starting up.

→ Members have hosted several “meet and greet” social events that help neighbors to meet other neighbors in a kid-friendly and safe atmosphere–whether it be an ice-cream party or Theater in the Park with our local Majestic Theater Company.

Create-maintain- promote a safe and clean community

→ Members got together throughout the year (at times with volunteers from City Year) and pick up rubbish on over 20 streets!  This encouraged other folks to come out and question what was going on and even joining in on the effort!

→ Members put together a Neighborhood Appreciation Day with free bark mulch and day lilies to help neighbors beautify their property.

→ Members adopted 18+ huge flower pots donated by the City and care for these pots throughout the year.

Nurture our local businesses

→ Members supported Manchester’s first Carrotmob Event!  The contest involved Rimmon Heights Local Businesses an opportunity to submit an application on how they would make their establishments “greener” with the proceeds should they win.  The winner “The Bakeshop on Kelley St.” a participating business with the Rimmon Heights Group won and on August 21st the Bakeshop was ‘mobbed’ with 300+ clients purchasing baked good items!

→ Members are introduced to known “new” businesses arriving in our community and are encouraged to visit them.  Additionally, all participating Business Members appear on our WEB Business Partner page and in our New Member Welcome Package.

What now?

Stay tuned!  You can visit our weekly BLOG to find out what’s going on in the community and around the city!